[AlilG] Games developed by Ali Razavi
This is the latest game i developed using away3d and box2d, i tried to mix the 3d scene with 2d physics. There is 6 levels to complete. you can to drive over blocks to unlock next level. develop this game was really fun and i enjoyed it. however the game not any special effects! no explosions, no special power effects... it's very clean and simple.
This one is better then those other shockwave games which i posted earlier, i made it with adobe director. the game concept is very simple, there is a tunnel to nowhere and you have to take down the criminal vehicle, but not hit other cars. next i'll show you, how to develop a game like this in adobe director step by step.
Another 3d shockwave game demo which developed by me at 2008, the days which i had play with shockwave...
I developed this short game at 2008, well hardly i can call it game, it's more like a technical demo. anyway i want to share the code. i made this with macromedia showckeave studio [ now known as Adobe Director ]. there is a car which you cal drive it over a tunnel. this one is site-locked too, if you want to add it to your site, you have to place it at root folder, since it calls the php file url... i'm not sure if it works on your domain or not. can't remember every line of code after 6 years!
Well as i started to rebuild my website, i have put all old stuff i created on alilg again. at 2007 i was very excited to build a 3d game which can be play on browser. at those days this looked impossible to me, i didn't knew anything about Macromedia Shockwave Studio yet (now known as adobe director). a day while exploring the web, i saw a 3d game on a website, and that was the day which i found what is shockwave player. right after two month i made my first 3d online game. i named it aliracer. i used a site-lock system at this game, which calls a url before start the game. it the url call is OK, the game will run, in other case it says this game can only play on alilg.com. so if you would likes to put this game on your site, you can to create a directory call inc, and the put the php file on it. [ download link included at bottom ]
Few months ago i was happy which i learned the Stage3D and now i can develop some new games with full 3d graphics without kill cpu to render the scene. i started flash since 2005 with macromedia flash, now i have see which mochi media says they will shutdown at end of this month. this is very sad news for indie flash game developers like me. however i found mochi too late, but yet it helped me alot to promote my games. but now they going away. from last year which i heard Adobe stopped develop new version of flash player for android, my friends said flash is dead. but i wouldn't believe!. and now android, iOS, html5 and.... and finally mochi says we will shutdown and end the service. time to start learn new languages...